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Through Science

Ventrex Systems brings Innovative, Sustainable and Environmentally responsible Polyurethane Technologies that provide Cost Effective Performance in Polyurethane Applications.   To gain market acceptance, we understand that sustainable products need to meet performance demands of polyurethane applications at an enabling cost position.  To achieve our goals we are investing in R&D of innovative polyurethane raw materials and products keeping in mind the end-use application and scale requirements.  We are actively pursuing world-wide collaborations with businesses and research organizations to develop and produce new generations of polyurethane materials.

Ventrex Systems' principals are experts in the field of polyurethanes with a recognized track record of innovation.  Our team has published 26 U.S. patents and over 100 technical papers.   We have developed and implemented sustainable raw materials in a variety of polyurethane materials covering applications in automotive, construction, packaging, aerospace, medical, and other industries.   

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